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Enevra & Enactus

Enevra is part of Enactus Aachen e.V.,  a social-entrepreneurial non-profit initiative dedicated to create better living standards for people in need. The organization is based on the principle of “helping people to help themselves” to achieve sustainable development. Enactus is a global active student society which has more than 72.000 students taking entrepreneurial actions. Enactus has chapters on 1730 campuses in 36 countries around the world. Our local branch Enactus Aachen e.V., with more than 100 members, has 7 projects and 3 ressorts all following the goal of entrepreneurial actions to change the world step-by-step . Read more about Enactus Aachen e.V.

At Enevra, we are pursuing the goal to make prosthetic devices affordable for more people in low-income countries. We want to give amputees the chance to strengthen their autonomy and social integration. Our objective is to work together with medical partners in low-income countries to teach them how to use 3D-printing for creating customizable prostheses on demand. By setting up self-sustained local prostheses-manufacturing, we strengthen the medical infrastructure and use social entrepreneurship to help amputees. Our system will include software for customizing 3D-prints to the patients needs, a training programme and knowledge database that assists the printing and fitting process. As non-profit organization from Aachen, we act as developers and supporters. The users of our system will enable further development through a feedback loop.

Instead of shipping ready-made prostheses to the target countries, our objective is to build self-sustaining systems locally. The amputees are enabled by being able to afford prosthetic devices and the medical personell has an additional tool for fulfilling their patient’s needs.

Let’s make prosthetic care more accessible. Let’s enable every amputee.

Enevra & UP!

We are a member of the UP! social network that connects worldwide Enactus projects operating in Uganda. Together, we want to empower people in Uganda and share our skills and insights. If you are interested in UP! and the other projects, you can visit the website here.