Enevra in Uganda

The first step towards empowerment

At Enevra, our mission is to develop a reliable 3D-printing framework that can be adopted by local orthopedic and medical professionals to provide affordable prostheses to their patients. Our goal is to provide this framework to Enevra-partners in low-income countries. By enabling our partners to use the 3D printing technology, we will achieve two goals: First, we are making prosthetic devices more affordable and easier to manufacture. Thus, more amputees can benefit from a prosthetic device. Second, we are enabling the local professionals to enhance their toolkits. By using our system, partners can create their products faster.

To establish new partnerships in Uganda, Maike and Nikolas traveled to Kampala and had meetings with managers of the Mulago National Hospital and Katalemwa Hospital. We thank the local professionals for their interest and hospitality and we are looking forward to further exchanges.