Enevra in Uganda

Kumi & ProUganda

On our first trip to Uganda, we provided several patients with a prosthesis. During the second trip, we wanted to check how the model of the prosthesis is working for them. For that reason, our other two members went back to ProUganda to visit the workshop and some of the old patients. The workshop has up-to-date machines and a large variety of different working materials to choose from.

Furthermore, we visited another hospital in the east of Uganda in Kumi. The hospital is currently expanding and renovating its orthopedic workshop and therefore interested in a future collaboration. One important topic in every facility here in Uganda is the power supply. Uganda has just one power supplier and relies on hydropower. The network can be very unstable, especially during thunderstorms and rain. However, the printer needs a continuous and uninterrupted power supply so that the filament gets printed continuously and the print doesn’t have a weak spot afterward.