Enevra – Improving access to prosthetic care

3D printed prostheses

By utilizing 3D printing combined with our custom hand scan library we can produce customized prostheses at a low price point.

Our mission is to give more people access to prosthetic devices

For thousands of amputees in low-income countries, prostheses are too expensive. This leads to missed job opportunities, social exclusion and a reduced quality-of-life.


Partnering with local communities in the area of need, we provide them with the necessary hardware and know-how to produce and sell the product on their own.


Color and the specific hand model as well as the dimensions of the prosthesis are customized to the amputee’s need.

Realistic Look

By utilizing high-resolution computer-assisted reconstruction from real hand models, we provide results that have a genuine look.


Up to 10kg of downward force and resistant to rough conditions, such as rain and dirt.

Rapid Production

After having taken measurements from the patient it only takes 24 hours to have the prothesis ready for fitting.

From start to a finished prosthesis:
Partnership timeline

The base: our partners

As our partner, you

  • have an orthopedic or medical background or are a member of such an institution or workshop
  • are situated in a low income country with demand for affordable prostheses
  • have technical interest

We provide the tools

We equip you with

  • a 3D-printer 
  • printing material
  • an uninterruptible power supply
  • our guidelines and supportive instruction material

And the training

Our training includes

  • the right usage of the prostheses
  • instructions on the manufacturing and setup  process
  • a fitting routine for the patients 

Production and sales

Now the production can begin!
With the knowledge from our training the prostheses can be manufactured with the 3D printer and fitted to the patient.


To provide a usable product to the patients, our aftercare routine includes

  • familiarization and introduction to the prosthesis 
  • usage training 
  • repair service and changes to fit


Social Entrepreneurship Program RWTH | Dec 2021

University Startup Worldcup USWC | Nov 2019
Winner of the Category “Economic”

SensAbility Award | Mar 2019

Yooweedo Ideenwettbewerb | May 2017

Ford Community Challenge | Jan 2017

Enactus National Cup | Jun 2016
German Winner

Leave Your Social Mark | Dec 2016

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