Workshop partnership: A Timeline

The base: our partners

As our partner, you

  • have an orthopedic or medical background or are a member of such an institution or workshop
  • are situated in a low income country with demand for affordable prostheses
  • have technical interest

We provide the tools

We equip you with

  • a 3D-printer 
  • printing material
  • an uninterruptible power supply
  • our guidelines and supportive instruction material

And the training

Our training includes

  • the right usage of the prostheses
  • instructions on the manufacturing and setup  process
  • a fitting routine for the patients 

Production and sales

Now the production can begin!
With the knowledge from our training the prostheses can be manufactured with the 3D printer and fitted to the patient.


To provide a usable product to the patients, our aftercare routine includes

  • familiarization and introduction to the prosthesis 
  • usage training 
  • repair service and changes to fit