Enevra in Uganda

Arrival of two new team members

Kaja and Maria are on their way to Uganda to join Johannes for the project at CoRSU. Today Johannes gave another workshop for the staff with deeper insights in the software and the production of our product, so that the technicians can try it by themselves for the first time under our supervision. On the fifth of April, we treated a new patient who lost his hand in a car crash. Because of the shorter and more conical anatomy of the residual limb, we faced new, unforeseen challenges. However, with ingenuity and improvisation together with the staff, we will be able to provide him with his individual prothesis. In the afternoon we went for a walk to see the Victoria Lake, the worlds largest tropical lake. The nature on the shoreline around the lake was stunning. We saw a monkey, big termite hills and a beautiful moorland with reeds and papyrus.