Enevra in Uganda

A very busy day

Today was a very busy day! We saw 3 patients in total, one of them was a 12-year-old girl who came for her measurements. Then the patient we measured on the 6th of April got his prosthesis and felt very confident wearing it in combination with his sunglasses and leather jacket. When our patients are happy, we are thrilled. The third patient, which was the one with the conical and short residual limb came also for his fitting, but, as we expected, it was not easy at first. The prosthesis tended to slip of the stump on the edges. We tried everything we could think of, and then one of the staff had a great idea: They made a plaster cast and produced an inlay-socket to provide a better fixation for the prothesis to the stump. He will return on the 12th of April, and we will try out the new adjustments for the perfect fit.
On the the weekend, we enjoyed our free time after a very busy week and welcomed our fourth team member Wilko to the group.