Enevra in Uganda

The Ugandan Health Care System

On Sunday we met with the head of the orthopedic workshop from Gulu. He gave us very interesting insights about the health care system in Uganda and the work environment in his workshop. So, we decided that we will visit Gulu hospital in the following week. The time we planned at CoRSU is nearly over, but after visiting potential new partners we will return for the last 10 days of our stay in Uganda to offer the staff training in the 3D printing software.
The problems we face in Uganda: Many patients cannot afford a prosthesis on their own and especially the once for the upper-limb are rarely fitted individually to the patient. Through 3D printing and supplies, you can buy locally. Our vision is to give amputees access to an affordable and individualized upper-limb prosthesis. The health care system in Uganda is quite a challenge because most of the hospitals are private, funded by non-governmental organizations, and the government is not providing enough money, especially for rehabilitation programs.

from left to right: orthopedic head of Gulu, Wilko, Maria, Kaja