Enevra in Uganda

Recent fittings at CoRSU

In the last three days, we provided three patients with their prostheses. The patient with the short stump came back to try the newly developed method with the inlay socket. It worked out even better than we expected, so we can now also offer a solution for shorter residual limbs Additionally, a twelve-year-old girl and a middle-aged women got their prostheses as well.

Wearing our newly developed prosthesis for short stumps

Wilko also found time to explain and teach the staff at CoRSU the basics of designing and manipulating their own 3D models on the computer. In the field of 3D printing, Uganda is still at the beginning. However, we do not only try to implement our 3D printing system but also try to help and offer training to the staff, so they understand the general ideas of 3D printing. It is especially of interest for medical engineers to fix broken equipment with self-created structures because it is often hard to import the necessary spare parts.